Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Spring may actually be here!! It seems to have taken a long time to get here, where I live, but it is finally here--I think.

In celebration of warmer days, let's have a free pattern giveaway! To have your name entered to win, just post a note sharing what your favorite thing about spring is. My favorite things about spring are definitely Easter and the warming weather! I know that it's the gateway to summertime, which is my absolute favorite seaon. :-)

I will draw a few names from the hat tomorrow afternoon/evening and post the winners on my Facebook page. Thank you for playing, and good luck!!



My spring favourites

I love when all the trees blossom and all of the new babies born by animals. :)

Newly green!

My favorite part of spring is the bright green baby leaves on the trees! It's such an inspiring and refreshing color.

I love being able to let the

I love being able to let the kids outside with no worries of them gettig too cold! And babies can crawl all they want! ;) and crocheting outside in the spring is great! Before it gets too hot! ;)


I couldn't wait for spring. I love feeding my humming birds, planting my flowers and garden. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.


Im in LOVE LOVE with every single flower that blooms !!! I love longer days and to see green everywhere !


I love all the tulips that pop up in spring, that is before I moved to Florida.


I love that my young children can get outside and use up some of their crazy energy instead of bouncing off the walls of the house. LOL. And summer is my absolute favorite season as well. :)

My favourite thing about spring!!

I love the fresh air after being stuck in the house through our crazy Canadian winter!! We had our baby girl in December and I can't wait to get her out for walks now that the fresh spring weather is here!


I love the sun that spring brings, the longer days, the warmth, and a fresh set of smells outdoors...:)


I love all the birds tweeting and being able to step outside bare foot!


I dont have one specific thing I like about spring. I love that I get to mow the grass, clean my fish pond in my front yard and buy gold fish, spring is my busiest photography season, and so much more. I get to fish, kyak, enjoy the water, etc. Just too many things to mention them all :-)

Favorite thing about Spring

I love not having to put socks on little baby piggies :-)

The warmer weather!

The warmer weather! Definitely a favorite after a long winter!


I love the smell of the flowers blossoms on the tree

Warm weather, wearing

Warm weather, wearing sandals, and spending more time outside!!


The thing I love about Spring is the new growth on plants meaning wonderful flower display after a long Winter


The thing I love about Spring is the new growth on plants meaning wonderful flower display after a long Winter

Spring love

My favorite part of spring is Easter, a bunch of spring time birthdays, the warmer weather and the smell. I just love it!


I only seem to get pregnant in springtime! So it seems to be my favourite time of year!

Spring fever!

I only seem to get pregnant in spring, so its my fav time of the year!!

In spring i look forward to

In spring i look forward to spending more time outdoors, baseball season & Easter!!


Sunny weather, rain showers and being in the garden!!!

I Love Spring!

Spring is all about new beginnings and birth. I love watching the grass grow again and cannot wait to get into my garden and plant the year's new seeds and taste the first veggies that we grow ourselves. Also, camping at our lake and 4-wheeling with family and friends. :)


The warm sun and green grass!!!

I love seeing the first

I love seeing the first flowers poke through the muddy ground into the new sunshine!

My favorite part about Spring

My favorite part about Spring is the blooming flowers, fresh air, warm sunshine, and the renewed energy it gives me.



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