Free Pattern Giveaway Today!!

Let's do a free pattern giveaway today!!

To enter, just post a reply sharing who you crochet for. :-) Do you crochet things for your children, friends, family, yourself? Do you run a business of selling your finished items? I'd love to hear about it!!

At the end of the day I'll drop all of the names in a hat and draw a winner. The winner will be able to choose a free pattern of their choice from my shop!!

Have fun--and good luck!!



i crochet for family, friends, and my business

i crochet for my family, friends and for my business! so many patterns, so little time...if only i didn't have to sleep or eat!

love your patterns btw!

who I crochet for.

I started cr ocheting 4 months ago and started for jusy family but I love it so much I am adding things to my etsy shop.


Who do I crochet for ... everyone. Thats what it feels like some times :) What? Just about everything and anything but I must say making things for my nieces is the best and they look very cute in your designs. :)

I would love to win!

I have bought a couple of your patterns and would love to win a free one. I make for family and friends and also for my little fb business,. I was very busy during the winter months but I have slacked off lately and need to get going again with some new and cite patterns. I also make for my own photo props. Have a great weekend!

I crochet for my family, and

I crochet for my family, and also as part of my business. It's nice to keep my hands busy while visiting and watching TV :)

I usually crochet for family

I usually crochet for family and friends and occasionally for myself! Right now I've been crocheting for a bunch of babies that are due this year!!! I have at least 5 friends I've made things for plus my brother and his wife and my sister and her boyfriend.
As well as the little girl my husband and I are expecting in early October!! She's our first and there are so many things I want to make for her!! :)

I crochet for my two grandsons!

17 months ago I became "Nana" to the most precious little one, Mason. I was overwhelmed with love for my grandson! 10 months later, my second grandson, Max, was born and again I was overwhelmed with love for this second precious little one! Being a grandmother is the best! I love making things for them - especially your hats!

Free Pattern Giveaway

I crochet for friends and family young and old. Wish I had the time to crochet for myself.

Both !

I answer both! I crochet to stay sane but I love the feeling of working on a project and see my friends and families reaction when they realize that it's for them. There is more happiness in giving!

i crochet

for my fb business and for gifts. i have 3 kids under 4.5 and crochet has given me so much joy and now a little income, i love it!


I crochet for family and my grandchildren school fetes. I am learning to read patterns and love seeing my family wearing what I make.

Gifts for all

With winter on the way in New Zealand, I am crocheting up a storm at the moment, making infinity scarves for my mum and mother in law. The kids are getting new hats, gloves and scarves and I want a scarf and a cuddly hat for myself. I also make headbands for friends, but hats are my most common choice.

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