Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Today is the last day of school for us, and the beginning of summer vacation starting this afternoon!! I wait all year for summer, and am looking forward to a fun one! With that, I thought it would be a nice day to do a Free Pattern Giveaway in celebration of the start of summer vacation. :-)

To enter the drawing, post me a note letting me know what your fun plans are for this summer. I'd love to hear about it! This evening I will draw a name and the winner will be able to choose a free pattern of their choice from my shops.

I've been adding quite a few new patterns lately, so stop by and take a look. I've also added a few new patterns to my "free patterns" page, and plan on adding more in the coming weeks, so take a browse at those too. :-)

Looking forward to seeing your posts/entries! Good luck!



Summer Fun

We plan to spend most of the summer at the lake teaching my son to swim and fish!


Last week was my last week as a Preschool teacher and now ... I'm a stay at home mommy for my 1 1/2 year old son :) Lots and lots of playing outside for u & crocheting during nap times for me!!! Happy summer :)

moving into our first home, and having family for a visit!

We have been married for 3 years, lived in 4 different apartments, and our now living with my parents until our first house is done being built in 6 weeks!! We are so excited, and feel so incredibly blessed!! Then, in August, my brother in law, sister in law, and new nephew are come to stay for 5 nights from TX, we'll all head up to Seattle after their E. Washington stay, via Leavenworth, where we will meety other sister in law, her 2 boys and hubby for the say before heading to the Seattle Area! My sister in laws are my best friends, so needless to say, I'm extremely excited! :)

Summer fun

Taking a long road trip to visit family, attend a wedding, and meet a dear Facebook friend for the first time, I hope!

We're heading to Idaho for a

We're heading to Idaho for a family reunion!

Going to BC for a week :) So

Going to BC for a week :) So excited!!! And having some good friends come up for a a visit! Love summer!!


We are moving in a couple of weeks, so once we get unpacked and settled in there are going to be a lot of lazy days spent relaxing :)

Summer Fun

We are starting the summer off with heading across the country to the East Coast to visit my family. After that we hope to be able to head to LA and Hollywood to see the sights and do touristy stuff. Then some times at the end of July we will head south to San Diego and check out Legoland! I am sure both my husband and our girls will love it there! They all LOVE playing with legos/duplo. All of these road trips mean that I will be bringing my crochet projects with me. :)

Summer plans

I am looking forward to a whole lot of time spent at the lake house. Nothing better than sun and water and my family !

Yes we still have 2 more

Yes we still have 2 more weeks of school also...I live in Ontario Canada but we plan on heading USA way! Down to Florida and to Disney World for the first in time since I was 8! I have been waiting 26 years!!!!!!! :)


Next month me and my family are driving 20 hours to Cape Cod Massachusetts to spend quality time at our families beach house.


Next month me and my family are driving 20 hours to spend quality time together at our Cape Cod MA beach house!

Summer excitement!

This summer is big for us. We are trying to finish our yard so we can have grass for our 2 year old. We are hoping to go on a road trip to some fun family spots, with camping almost every weekend (my prime crochet time!) AND We have a baby due in October so we are trying to get ready for baby (more crochet projects!!)


We are going to take our kids to Texas this weekend to see family and to Indiana to see the other side of our family over the 4th. Then we are ending the summer with a little vacation with three other families

Summer fun

For fun this summer we are....having a BABY:)

No Vacation, But Plenty of Visitors!

We live on the North Fork of Long Island, and we look forward to summer so much that we don't want to go away! We have plenty of beaches nearby, access to boating, camping, and all kinds of summer fun activities, like peach and berry picking, farmers markets, shopping at designer outlets, going to the raceway, the zoo, or the water's all close by. Family and friends like to come to visit us in the summer, so we plan on showing all of our house guests a good time all summer long. My little girl is turning two in July, so we will do something fun to celebrate...not sure what just yet! I'm looking forward to a lot of crochet time as well, and getting ahead on making gifts for everyone for the holidays, and maybe a few fun things for the beach and the house :)

Life changing summer!

I plan to finish a quick summer term at the college just in time to have a baby for my sister-in-law in August! She's waited 6 years to have a baby and I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to carry him for her and to get to be one of the first to meet her son!! This has been and will be the most eventful summer of my life :)


I am a high school art teacher so in one week from tomorrow I turned in a SAHM!!! I look forward to spending my summer with my boys!!!

Spend quality time with my granddaughter

I will be watching my 10 year old granddaughter this summer. My daughter is going through a divorce and can really use my help. I love spending time with Ashley. I am trying to teach her crocheting. She is getting there and doing well for a 10 year old. We have made lip gloss together as well as soap. We both love crafting.

downunder fun

Its the middle of winter here so no summer holiday for me but that doesnt mean theres not lots to do . I love the markets and go to at least one every weekend just love looking through all the boutique stalls you never know what ideas you might come up with.


While my husband is deployed I will have a lot of time to crochet my best friends twins(coming 11/22!) baby blankets! Also a couple trips, Kansas City to see my nieces and nephews!

Summer time!!!!

Watching Baseball and relaxing with a good book on my deck!!!! Bike riding, swimming just enjoying every moment of summer and taking it in.

summer vacation

We just spent the first two weeks of summer in Ireland - one of the most beautiful places on earth! Next week, we will be welcoming our second grandchild into the world! What a great summer 2013!

Good Times!

We made a "Wall of Fun" in our kitchen using gifts tags and yarn. On the tags we all wrote something fun we want to do this it ranges from going to the library to hitting the beach and camping out in the backyard. So much fun to be had!

going to puerto rico for 4

going to puerto rico for 4 weeks!!!


We will be spending the summer doing whatever, whenever and wherever we want as my husband just recently retired.

Summer fun for us

First we are going to hit the local water park it has a splash pad that gradually gets deeper to the (awesome as my kids say) covered spiral water slide, Canada's Wonderland possibly and lots of family time!!!

Gearing up for visits from

Gearing up for visits from the from California, two from Kentucky, along with the five that live here in Oklahoma.....looks like visits may overlap by a couple of days, giving me a chance to photograph all EIGHT grandkids TOGETHER!! :-)

Summer things to do!

Planning on taking advantage of the AMF Free Summer Bowling!! The kids love it!!!

Summer Plans

The only thing I have planned is attending a family reunion in TX and sitting pooside B-)

Too hard to find what you are posting

Your blog pictures AND patterns are too hard to navigate as couldn't even find them. went around in circles so I don't think I'd come back here to look. You need to change your navigation options. Just link after link and that is it.

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