Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Today is the last day of school for us, and the beginning of summer vacation starting this afternoon!! I wait all year for summer, and am looking forward to a fun one! With that, I thought it would be a nice day to do a Free Pattern Giveaway in celebration of the start of summer vacation. :-)

To enter the drawing, post me a note letting me know what your fun plans are for this summer. I'd love to hear about it! This evening I will draw a name and the winner will be able to choose a free pattern of their choice from my shops.

I've been adding quite a few new patterns lately, so stop by and take a look. I've also added a few new patterns to my "free patterns" page, and plan on adding more in the coming weeks, so take a browse at those too. :-)

Looking forward to seeing your posts/entries! Good luck!



We are going camping this

We are going camping this weekend to celebrate the kids' birthdays, which are all this week!

We are spending the summer at

We are spending the summer at my mom's house in FL. It's right off the beach!

Summer Plans

Well, we already started our summer vacation from school a few weeks ago. We went on a HUGE family vacation to San Antonio, TX for a week. I think there was 17 of us staying in one house :) I am a SAHM mama, so my kiddos and I will be doing lots of swimming in the pool, and I want to take my girls (ages 4 and 5) to the movies at the end of this month to see Monsters University. I also hope to get some camping trips in on the weekends, when my husband is off work :)

Camping with Grandma!

We plan to take my little ones camping with my mother. We also use this time to go to craft tent sales and the bernat yarn outlet!

I'm so excited for the

I'm so excited for the summer! I don't have kids but I still act like one! :) planning on swimming at least once a week and even though I went to Disneyland last year I'd like to try and go again this year!! Me and my husband are going to Yellowstone for the first time next month and definitely plan on camping every other weekend!!


We don't have any set plans for summer, but it should be a fun one. We just bought our oldest daughter one of those cheap plastic pools for outside (our younger one is only a month old, so she can't play in it yet). So we'll be spending a lot of time outside. Probably go to the zoo, go for walks on the greenbelt, have bbqs, etc. It'll definitely be a fun summer. :)


We don't have any set plans for summer, but it should be a fun one. We just bought our oldest daughter one of those cheap plastic pools for outside (our younger one is only a month old, so she can't play in it yet). So we'll be spending a lot of time outside. Probably go to the zoo, go for walks on the greenbelt, have bbqs, etc. It'll definitely be a fun summer. :)

We are going to Hawaii!

We are going to Hawaii!

Cottage construction:)

Summer is going to be filled with wood, hammers, nails and crochet hooks. Building a cottage and while they "boys" will be deep in construction, I WILL crocheting...a LOT. I hope I don't lose my count with all the noise:( Enjoy your summer also.


We have lot of family visiting from Poland so I am planning on spending lot of quality time with them since I do not see them often :)

Surprise vacation

This summer my husband is deployed but he will be getting an R&R at the end. We plan to surprise our kids with a little trip to sea world. Our daughter has been wanting to go so bad after watching the movie free willy.


All of our kids are grown but there are lots of grandbabies! We will be spending time with them going to the zoo, aquarium, and parks. :)

Summer Vacay :)

I plan on spending my entire summer with my Kutie-Patootie 2 year old daughter :) I teach during the school year so I treasure this time with her every year :)


This summer I will be going to Dallas TX for Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary Seminar!


This summer will be spent celebrating all the weddings of my friends! We just got back from a wedding and vacation in Costa Rica! Next week we will be traveling to North Carolina for a wedding! Next month we are going to take a vacation with the entire family camping somewhere!


My oldest, who is 5, graduated from pre-k and has been done for the summer so we went to my parents in Charlotte Nc and just went to myrtle beach last weekend. We plan on going camping, waterpark, lots of family time and I just started to crochet a couple weeks ago so practicing that will be awesome!!! I love picking up new hobbies! And also my bday is on the 5th of July so can't wait for that!!!

I will be crocheting the

I will be crocheting the summer away :) lol

We have swim team, beach

We have swim team, beach days, t ball, camping, and spending time with family and friends. Oh yeah, creating and updating my etsy. Just love your patterns, gave a few in my shop already, and have more to work up. Thanks, enjoy your summer :)

My husband & I are taking our

My husband & I are taking our girls to the beach for a few nights. They are SO excited to spend some carefree time in the sand & sun. :)

me and my gilrs!

Planning on having lots of beach and park days with my girls this summer.

Summer Fun

My 3 dudes and I will be enjoying Houston's City Pass to revisit some of the main attractions during June and in July, hubby and I plan to take them on a couple of family vacations. The rest of the summer will be working on new crochet projects. Fun, fun.

Play in our pool, raise some

Play in our pool, raise some chickens, work in our large garden, make more crochet, knit and sewn items for my Etsy store, and craft shows, go to Lake Michigan, Green Lake or Devil's Lake for the day, and that's pretty much it. We have a farm and 8 kids so we pretty much just stay home.

This summer we plan on

This summer we plan on heading the our cabin in the country for a week then the beach with my 3 kids!!

Casual Summer

I plan on lots of crochet! A friend is having a baby in August, so I've been having fun making baby things. We are also planning on a 'staycation' to get some home improvements done in July. And I will continue to try to convince my grown daughter to join me in the crochet world.

Summer Plans

We are getting a visit from my daughter's high school British Exchange Club friend. She visited two years while the kids were in high school and this will be the second time she visits on her own! We are also getting a July 4th visit from our son and his family. They will make the trip to Massachusetts from South Carolina...we are VERY excited to get to see them!

Fun Stuff

We're going to be hitting the pool a lot this kids just love it there. We also have a trip to visit family and friends in Idaho....we haven't been back since moving last year....gonna be fun.

Summer of Concerts!

This summer we are going to several concerts! Can't forget about the girls trip to Vegas. Oh and spending time with all the babies that were just born!

Summer ideas

We are going to the Calgary Stampede! Have to make my little one some kicking crochet cow girl boots.

Summer getaway

Going to the Calgary Stampede!

hodge podge

We're planning a summer of variety around here. Lots of close to home adventures to parks and lakes and then we're hoping to get away for a week to either our family cabin or camping. We have friends coming from out of state and we are visiting friends in other parts of the state! Hodge podge or no - it's going to be FUN!

South for the summer!

We are headed to Charleston, SC for a visit with my father-in-law. My mom is coming along too. Can't wait to get both sides together and explore the old South!!

Summer Plans

We are getting ready to head to the beach next week. But we love to spend the rest of the summer playing in the pool or in the water running and playing outside. We are even planning a trip to Carowinds amusement park.

Summer plans!

Sleeping in, camping, and NOT packing any lunches!

I am a teacher and we started

I am a teacher and we started summer break before Memorial Day! We leave tomorrow for an Alaskan Cruisetour! Soooo excited. My husband has wanted to do this vacation for years, and finally it is happening. Enjoy your summer! Thanks for the opportunity!

Summer fun

We actually do not have any big plans this summer. Just trying to beat the heat, hang out with family, and have fun. Also my 3 year old DD is in her first big ballet recital this Friday and Saturday. We are super excited!!!!!

It's Winter

Here in Australia but we have school holidays coming up in a week and I am going to teach my son to crochet and we are going to try using a loom to make his Nan a scarf :)

My summer

My summer will be spent getting our daughter ready for her first year of college. I am hoping to take a trip to the local zoo.

We are planning a trip to the

We are planning a trip to the beach as our main vacation. We are also planning several weekend trips

Going to try to relax and

Going to try to relax and enjoy life!

Summer hiking.

We live in a place with lots of mountains and hiking trails. So far this summer we've been going on several family hikes. Last weekend we ended our hike with a campfire and toasted marshmallows for s'mores. It was a great time.

Summer=Sand and Sun!

Off to Gulf Shores in a few weeks!

Summer Plans

We are spending a lot of time at the pool and parks. Also, we are doing many summer activities at the local library!

My sister is coming to visit!

My sister is coming to visit! :D She arrives this evening and is leaving the last day of June. Plenty of hiking and exploring this awesome star of Alaska!

Don't really have any plans

Don't really have any plans as of yet, but my Grandson turns one next week, so it'll be a fun summer just with him around <3

Baseball & Senior Year

My kids have been out of school for about two weeks now. Started out with me getting my gallbladder removed. :) My son plays travel baseball so that keeps us pretty busy but he'll finish after 4th of July so we are going to go camping and get out and enjoy the summer this year.

We are also spending it prepping for my daughter's senior year in high school...don't want to get hit financially all at once next year :)

My summer

We are a military family that lives in Germany so this summer I really want to take my son to Paris Disneyland for his birthday!

We will be going to Long

We will be going to Long Beach Island and also the boys will be playing lots of baseball. I will be crocheting, of course


Not sure what we will be doing over the summer but I am hoping for some sunny days for picnics, pond dipping and trips to the seaside

Summe Fun

We have a ton a plans! The summer always seems so busy!! Trips to the cottage and camping. Hot days spent running around the local splash pad. Movie and craft days... the list is endless... trips to the zoo, and science centre. Eating hotdogs, freezies, and ice cream. I love Summer!!

Summer time :)

We plan on spending time at the cottage. :) Lots of fun, family, food, fires (as in camp)... Still two more weeks of school for my son yet to go though.

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