June 2014

Posh Patterns Yarn Review--Chroma

I receive alot questions and inquiries from my customers regarding yarn choices, options, and preferences. Many times they want to know what some of my favorite types of yarns are, including fiber, brand, weight, ect. Those inquires made me think that posting an occasional review of yarns that I've used, or use often, would be helpful and informative for anyone who uses my patterns, or for anyone who crochets or knits. As of right now, any reviews that I do are not solicited by any yarn companies, and I am only sharing my opinion with my customers.

6000 Facebook Fans!!

I'm so excited to say that my Posh Patterns Facebook page has reached 6000 Fans! I am so grateful for that, so my way of saying "thank you" is to have a Posh Patterns All Day Giveaway tomorrow!!