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I receive alot questions and inquiries from my customers regarding yarn choices, options, and preferences. Many times they want to know what some of my favorite types of yarns are, including fiber, brand, weight, ect. Those inquires made me think that posting an occasional review of yarns that I've used, or use often, would be helpful and informative for anyone who uses my patterns, or for anyone who crochets or knits. As of right now, any reviews that I do are not solicited by any yarn companies, and I am only sharing my opinion with my customers. My first yarn review will be for a yarn that I've just tried recently, called Chroma Worsted by Knitpicks. Chroma Worsted is a wool/nylon blend that comes in self-striping colorways.

The thing that drew me to this yarn, originally, was the available colorways. The range is huge, and it seems like there would be a colorway for everyone's taste and preference. They have bright colors, pastels, subtle colors, deep colors, vibrant jewel tone colors, feminine colors, masculine colors, neutral colors, and everything in between. Another thing that I like about the colors, besides the wide range, is the fairly long length self-striping. I love it when I can make a hat and get a full round, or more, with one color before it changes. Not all self-striping yarns are like that, and instead have shorter striping lengths.

The feel of this yarn is fantastic! It is incredibly soft and glides through the fingers like butter. Squishy soft! The texture is somewhat unique too--more like a handspun yarn. The thickness varies thorughout the ball, going from thicker to thinner in areas. If you like that quality of a handspun yarn, then you should like Chroma too!

The cost of this yarn is reasonable to me. I believe that I paid $9.99 for a ball, and I was able to make 2 baby hats from it so far, plus I still have some left over! With 198 yards per ball it is a great value, in my opinion.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Chroma yarn, and I will definitely be using it again. The colors are suitable for everything from baby items to projects for men and women. If you try it, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Stitching!!


Posh Patterns


I wanna thank you for

I wanna thank you for introducing me to Knit Picks!! I bought your Granny Square Baby Blanket, which uses the Bravo Bulky, I am now a HUGE lover of Knit Picks. I've looked at the Chroma a few times, but have yet to buy it. Is it a scratchy wool blend or softer. I always shy away from wool because of the scratchy feeling. I might need to branch out a bit more!

I am a huge believer in SOFT

I am a huge believer in SOFT yarn. :-) I will use wool, but it has to be soft enough to go next to my skin, or a babies skin. This wool was very soft, in my opinion, and was very nice to work with.

I used the knit picks

I used the knit picks fingering weight chroma to make booties. I absolutely love it but I live in Australia and like most other yarns it is hard to get here. Knit picks don't send to Australia so I had to buy it from a British site. Big mistake!! I didn't consider how high the exchange rate was and it ended up costing me nearly $30 a ball (that's with postage included). I nearly died when my paypal cleared. I just wish knit picks would send here as I really love the colours and feel of it


Thanks so much! I look forward to more yarn reviews!

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