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Posh Patterns Yarn Review--Chroma

I receive alot questions and inquiries from my customers regarding yarn choices, options, and preferences. Many times they want to know what some of my favorite types of yarns are, including fiber, brand, weight, ect. Those inquires made me think that posting an occasional review of yarns that I've used, or use often, would be helpful and informative for anyone who uses my patterns, or for anyone who crochets or knits. As of right now, any reviews that I do are not solicited by any yarn companies, and I am only sharing my opinion with my customers.

Posh Patterns Newly Released Designs

Happy Spring Everyrone!!

I've been working quite a bit on a selection of new designs! I've managed to put together several new patterns and have continued to work on my list of future patterns. A few of the new patterns are re-released designs from my yarn shop days, some are brand new, and some are customer requests. Thank you very much to my pattern testers, and my awesome photographer at Now It's Personal Photography!! Here are a few of the newer designs...

New Patterns, Free Patterns & Summer Giveaway!!

Ahhh, summer…I love it!! I can’t believe that it’s August already-where does it go?

With all of the summer fun going on, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce a few new patterns. I have so many more that are in the works, and you'll be seeing those soon too!

Here are a few:

The precious Baby Police Man Hat. {Pattern 274}