April 2014

Posh Patterns Newly Released Designs

Happy Spring Everyrone!!

I've been working quite a bit on a selection of new designs! I've managed to put together several new patterns and have continued to work on my list of future patterns. A few of the new patterns are re-released designs from my yarn shop days, some are brand new, and some are customer requests. Thank you very much to my pattern testers, and my awesome photographer at Now It's Personal Photography!! Here are a few of the newer designs...

Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Spring may actually be here!! It seems to have taken a long time to get here, where I live, but it is finally here--I think.

In celebration of warmer days, let's have a free pattern giveaway! To have your name entered to win, just post a note sharing what your favorite thing about spring is. My favorite things about spring are definitely Easter and the warming weather! I know that it's the gateway to summertime, which is my absolute favorite seaon. :-)