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6000 Facebook Fans!!

I'm so excited to say that my Posh Patterns Facebook page has reached 6000 Fans! I am so grateful for that, so my way of saying "thank you" is to have a Posh Patterns All Day Giveaway tomorrow!!

Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Spring may actually be here!! It seems to have taken a long time to get here, where I live, but it is finally here--I think.

In celebration of warmer days, let's have a free pattern giveaway! To have your name entered to win, just post a note sharing what your favorite thing about spring is. My favorite things about spring are definitely Easter and the warming weather! I know that it's the gateway to summertime, which is my absolute favorite seaon. :-)

Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let’s do a Free Pattern Giveaway today!! We just went through a brutal cold spell here where I am, and in many other places too. What do you like to do during those times when it’s too cold to be outside, school is cancelled, and you have a few days in? Post your reply and you’re name will automatically be put into the hat for the drawing this evening! If you are in that part of the world where you don’t have to tolerate the cold conditions, just let me know what you like to do when you do have days that you’re stuck inside, for whatever reason.

Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let's have a free pattern giveaway!!

Summer, here where I am, is coming to a close. School is getting ready to start again, and we are trying to fit in as many fun things as we possibly can! It makes the last few weeks busy, but in a good way!

Free Pattern Winner!!

I want to thank everyone for playing again!! I really enjoy reading each and every response that you all post--it's alot of fun. :-)

The winning name drawn is...Betsy ("the new Nana")!! Congratulations Betsy! Please send me an email to to let me know which pattern you'd like!

Again, thank you everyone for taking the time to participate. I will be having more giveaways soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Free Crochet Pattern Flower Blossom Headband

I've been adding to my Free Crochet & Knitting Patterns page, and plan to add many more over the coming weeks! One of the latest additions to my Free Patterns page is a Flower Blossom Headband. It's perfect for girls and ladies of any age, and make a gorgeous little photo prop. Quick and easy too!

Please honor copyright etiquette and rules. :-) And enjoy!!

Free Crochet Pattern Headband Ear Warmer & Loopy Flower

Here is a brand new FREE crochet pattern that has been added to my Free Crochet Patterns Page! It's for a cute and fashionable crochet headband/ear warmer that is made with a fun, chunky yarn. It includes the pattern for an adorable loopy flower too!

Free Crochet Pattern for Easy Pot Holders

This free crochet pattern has been available on the "free patterns" page of my website for awhile, but I thought is was worth an extra mention here. :-) It's an incredibly easy and fun project, and so useful!! We literally have a draw full of these adorable pot holders in our kitchen, and they are used everytime there is cooking going on. You can also double them together but stitching two of them together, back to back, for an extra thick pot holder or trivet. My daughter makes them like crazy for us, and they make awesome gifts!

A Free Crochet Hat Pattern!!

Enjoy a cute Mesh Stitch baby hat pattern for free. :-) Newborn to 3 months size. The full version of this Mesh Stitch hat pattern is available in my shop, and includes all sizes plus the flower. Also see my Free Patterns Page for more free crochet patterns. Enjoy!!