Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let’s do a Free Pattern Giveaway today!! We just went through a brutal cold spell here where I am, and in many other places too. What do you like to do during those times when it’s too cold to be outside, school is cancelled, and you have a few days in? Post your reply and you’re name will automatically be put into the hat for the drawing this evening! If you are in that part of the world where you don’t have to tolerate the cold conditions, just let me know what you like to do when you do have days that you’re stuck inside, for whatever reason. You can post your reply on my Facebook page, or here on my blog. I’ll draw names tonight and post them on my Facebook page. The winners will be able to choose a free pattern of their choice from my shop! Good luck, and thank you for playing!!


When it is cold!

We recently had some 20 degrees below zero (in California, mind you!) and I stayed in, baked, crocheted, watched old episodes of Dr. Who and some Bailey's and eggnog! Sue

When It's cold outside...

When it's cold outside I like to stay inside and clean, organize, do crafts like crocheting. I like to sit inside and drink coffee :)

Snow day!

We had lots of snow too! I have a 4 yr old and a 9 month old.. So we stayed in and played disney infinity a lot and with all their new Xmas presents and had lots of movie nights. And of course stayed in our Jammie's all day:)

I put some soup on in the

I put some soup on in the crock pot, and crochet all day!

Games and more!

I spent a couple FREEZING cold days home with my daughter, it was about -50 with the wind chill and we played lots of games, Barbies, got in a bit of crochet and knitting.

When it's too cold outside..

I live on Cape Cod and recently the wind chill brought our temps to the negative teens!! In order to keep my kiddos happy, we blew bubbles inside and had a photo shoot! And we also used a set made by Discovery Kids to make an igloo fort! So fun!!

Free Pattern Giveaway

When I have a day that i'm stuck inside and my home is clean I like to watch shows on Netflix and crochet on a few orders. But the reality is I sit down to watch Netflix and crochet and get interrupted 30 times by my 3 year old daughter so I only get a few rows done the entire day HAHAHAHA.

School Closed due to Cold!!

We had 2 cancelled school days this week due to -40 degree weather. Brrrr.. I love to stay inside and clean, bake, make a good dinner, and of course.....CROCHET!!

Well if my children would let

Well if my children would let me I would just put on a good movie and crochet. But I also enjoy hot chocolate with the kids and a movie

When it's super cold outside

When it's super cold outside I love to snuggle up in a blanket with my kids and watch a movie...or bake with them. (then watch a movie)

Free Pattern Giveaway

Hi! I just like to catch up on whatever I'm behind on- be it house cleaning, laundry, or just forget it all and play with my kids :D

I like to bake, crochet and

I like to bake, crochet and just relax on these snowy days! It's snowing again today!

Cold Weather

Bake, crochet, watch movies, sew, play games, relax!


We like to stay in our pajamas, watch movies and snuggle all day!


The recent cold snap had me wanting to curl up with a good book and do some yummy baking

Im from Alaska and there are

Im from Alaska and there are quite a few days stuck indoors in the winter. I like to crochet and knit during these cold Times or read a book in front of the warm woodstove.

Cold Days

When it's too cold to go out to function, I start out by doing small things and then next thing you know I'm spring cleaning closets, reorganizing yarn stashes etc. My kids are older so they really don't like hanging out with me :)

Surviving Wisconsin Record Cold

I would bring the dogs in, put the kids in their feetie pjs, order some pay per view and crochet all day long with some soup on the stove and sip tea all day...but suffering from "trigger thumb" and had an injection the other day, told to rest on the crochet for the fair is that? So I watched far too many movies and felt so unproductive :)

On a cold day

I love to have a fire going, a cup of hot chocolate and just relax and crochet or knit something.

Those are the perfect

Those are the perfect lounging days! Cuddling up in the couch with my little ones and watching tv!

I like to watch movies, do

I like to watch movies, do activites with the kids and craft

When we are inside...

When we are inside for a few days, my 3 year old and I usually break out the paints and then watch her favorite princess movies!

When it's too cold outside I

When it's too cold outside I like to watch movies with my kids, crochet and stay in my pjs as long as i can!

Snow days

We love to bake and make treats for our local homeless shelter. My daughters call it cookies for kids. We've been doing it for three years now. We also like to play games and build a big fort in the living room

When the snow and cold has us

When the snow and cold has us stuck inside, my kids and I like to have pajama movie craft day! We all get in our coziest pajamas, pick a movie or three and pick a craft from our "to-do craft list". I also will pick a snack from the "must make recipe" pin on my pinterest. Their current fav snow day snack is SNOW CREAM! Simple to do and they love it!

When it's cold outside!

Growing up my favorite thing to do was to go sledding on the huge hill we had over by one of our schools in town. As of right now my favorite thing to do is curl up under the blankets with a good movie playing and crochet the day away!

Cold days!!!!

Ahhhhhh....when it's cold......I love to look for new patterns, learn new stitches and try a more challenging project!!!! I love your patterns, by the way! They are my favorite ones to follow and create beautiful things for my sweet loved ones and friends!!!!!

I like to drink hot cocoa,

I like to drink hot cocoa, have some soup and watch old movies.

I love to get "snowed in" and

I love to get "snowed in" and spend the entire day at my sewing machine!!


I would sleep in. Otherwise I am crocheting and cleaning

Family time

We love to play board games and watch movies! And of course I crochet when I can! Would love to win one of your patterns! :) I live in the Chicago area and the last weekend was the coldest I've ever experienced!!!


That seldom happens here in Central California. But when/if we get rainy days I love to crochet or knit and watch old movies.

Relax and Crochet

Love to take advantage of the cold weather, get to relax, sit down and crochet without feeling guilty of not running errands, etc. Best to see the positive side of cold weather.

Pattern Giveaway

I like to watch movies and crochet/knit. I also like to read since I don't seem to get to as often as I like.

Home All Day

I like to start some soup and maybe bake. Then hang out and watch movies and catch up on my crafts.

crochet of course! though

crochet of course! though during our last snow in and actually cleaned, purged & organized the house!

cold spell fun!

On snow days the kids and I cuddle up on the couch with our 3 dogs and watch netflix or movies, eat junk food and have hot chocolate. We live in a part of NC that rarely gets snow but we do get extra cold days and icey days...they are getting older and they have things to do most of the time so I love a snow day for sleeping in and just being lazy :)

I have been crocheting

I have been crocheting hat,hats, and more hats.....I need a new pattern.... Also I have been on pinterest....I may need an intervention!!!! Fingers crossed that I win:)


When I am stuck inside due to the weather, I like to cuddle up with my blanket and crochet if I have a project I am working on. If not, I am searching for ideas for my next project.


On cold days a pot of soup, a good movie and crocheting are the best. If I'm not working a project I am searching for my next project.

When it's cold outside.

This polor vortex kept my 18 month and I snuggled on the couch watching movies. And in the evening. I worked on baby blankets for an upcoming baby shower :)


In Wisconsin it has been brutal. Love to knit and watch movies

I'm from AK soooo. We usually

I'm from AK soooo. We usually don't get days off from School. :) but on days that we get 50 below zero or colder we stay inside and play games and stay warm.

We Don't do cold well in Alabama!!!

We don't do cold in Alabama well!! Recently it was in the single digits and everything shut down!! My husband is a police officer so he always gets called in! I take that opportunity to curl up and watch all the TV shows he HATES! I love to work on those "bigger" heavy projects like blankets and such! Seems to make you that much warmer!! I love snow days!!

Free Pattern Giveaway-when it's cold out.

My husband, our five kids and myself lit our fire and had hot chocolate, coffee and watched a movie on VUDU. :D

We just went through a period

We just went through a period of -45 with wind chills here in Wisconsin. But of course, winter in Wisconsin is cold, but brrrrr that was a bit much....and it lastest for almost 5 days! I love to make homemade soup, go through my stash of yarns and figure out what I will make next and work on a current crochet project....when I am stuck inside.

Relaxed and enjoyed the day

Relaxed and enjoyed the day inside doing fun activities. Went outside and blew bubbles on the second day. Everyone enjoyed the science experiment. I also worked on a crochet project, doing a girl bag and a boy bag, because I am going to be a grandma in June. Party to find out if it is a boy or girl on January 18th.

Stuck indoors

Being in Australia it is the heat that keeps us indoors and I like to sew and knit in the cool of the aircon

Cuddle and drink hot

Cuddle and drink hot chocolate between knitting/crochet projects.

cuddle time

Cuddling and drinking jot chocolate between projects.

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