5,000 Facebook Fans!!

Hi Everyone,

It's official--I have 5,000 fans on my Posh Patterns Facebook page!! Thank you so much for “liking” my page! I think that’s a great milestone and I want to show my appreciation by having an ALL DAY GIVEAWAY tomorrow. I will be putting all entered names into a hat and drawing a winning name every hour. The winners will be able to choose any pattern from my shop for free! To enter, just post a reply either to this blog post or on my Facebook page. I will be putting all of the names into a hat, and drawing and posting winners each hour. The names will go in the hat as they come in, and stay in until the giveaway is finished.

I truly appreciate all of my customers. Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!




Congratulations on reaching 5000!!!! How nice to do this! I hope I win! I have a couple of your patterns and they are fantastic.


Congrats!! Love your patterns!.


5,000, yay!! I have several of your patterns and love them! I am new to crochet and your patterns are easy to follow and turn out great! My baby girl looks so cute in her beanies, earflaps, and bonnets :) I hope I win!

Congratulations!!! As you can

Congratulations!!! As you can see- we all love your patterns ;)

I have so many of your

I have so many of your patterns! Thank you so much for writing them ~ takes out the guess work <3!


Congrats on reaching 5000! I love your patterns and have several that I use as my to go patterns all the time. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!




Congratulations on your 5,000 fans! Your patterns are fantastic and so it's no surprise :)


Congrats on $5000 Likes!!! I love your patterns! Especially the animals!


Excited for all your success. Love your patterns! Please enter my name in your giveaway!

Congrats on 5000 fans!!! I

Congrats on 5000 fans!!! I love your patterns!


I have a few of your patterns and could definitely use a few more! Thank you!

Congrats on 5000 and thank

Congrats on 5000 and thank you for running a give away! I love all your patterns. :)


Huge congrats on hitting 5000 likes!!!


Thank you for all your great ideas and kudos for getting 5.000 likes. Hope tomorrow is my lucky day!

Love it!

I've done some of your patterns, and really love them! I've been eyeballing a few for a while, wanting to do them in adult sizes, but haven't had the opportunity yet. Would LOVE to be a winner!


Wow! 5,000 - congratulations! I love your patterns, and often look through your shop, you have beautiful work - would love to win one. ;)

Pattern giveaway

Your patterns are my favorite!


I love your patterns!! Keep up the good work!

Pattern giveaway

Your patterns are my favorite!

Congrats hun!!!! Anytime

Congrats hun!!!! Anytime someone wants me to do a specific photo prop or ANYTHING crochet I ALWAYS come to your shop first to see if you have it. Out of all the patterns I've purchased, yours are always the most well written and they come out so amazing each and every time!!


I love your patterns!

Congratulations! I love your

Congratulations! I love your patterns! :)


Love all of your patterns. I have several of them. :)


Congrats on 5000 likes!!


wonderful news!! 5000 likes, yay!!

Well deserved, your patterns

Well deserved, your patterns are awesome! Congrats!

So excited for this!!

So excited for this!!

congrats on 5000!! would love

congrats on 5000!! would love to win!! =)



WOW 5,000!

I have quite a few of your patterns and love them! They are so cute and easy to follow! Congratulations on 5,000 likes!


Wow! Congratulations!


Congrats on 5000, love your patterns!

Congratulations! Hope to win!

Congratulations! Hope to win! :)

Hope to WIn

That is awesome and thanks for the chance at a free pattern


Congrats!!! Really great patterns you have, I have some of them and I loved them!!!


Congrats on so many fans, your patterns are by far my favorite! Hope to win!

I love your patterns!

I love your patterns!


Wow! 5000! I love your patterns so I'm glad you have such success!

Your patterns are my "go to"

Your patterns are my "go to" patterns, love them all! Congrats!!


Congratulations! I have several patterns from you and the first item I ever crocheted was your football hat! Followed shortly by your owl hat!


I WANT TO WIN! Woooo congrats on 5000 likes!

My favorite designer

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a great accomplishment! Just shows how great your work is. You were one of the first designers I started buying patterns from and I still find myself always purchasing you over others ;) Love them!


Congrats on 5,000 likes!!! I live your patterns!!

LOVE your patterns!! Have

LOVE your patterns!! Have ordered several :)))


I love your patterns!

Congratulations I LOVE your

Congratulations I LOVE your patterens just finished making a hat today for my granddaughter .

Congrats!! Love your

Congrats!! Love your patterns.


Congrats on your milestone!!!!

That's great!

I love your patterns!

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