Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let's have a free pattern giveaway!!

Summer, here where I am, is coming to a close. School is getting ready to start again, and we are trying to fit in as many fun things as we possibly can! It makes the last few weeks busy, but in a good way!

Let me know what your plans are for the last few weeks of this season, and you'll be entered to win a free pattern of your choice from my shop! Even if it's a different season where you are, let me know what you enjoy doing at that time. Tomorrow afternoon I will draw 3 winners from a hat, and post them on my Facebook page.

If you haven't stopped by my shop lately, take a look for some new patterns that I've added. I also have a big bunch of new things that I'm working on, so there will be plenty of new releases this fall and winter. Fun!

Good luck with the giveaway--and watch for the winners tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!!




I plan on finishing my

I plan on finishing my curtains for my living room, and crocheting a monkey for my son! Can't wait until the weather cools off a little to go on walks and not die of heat :) Hope I win!! I love your patterns! :)


We are just arrived from our 3 weeks holiday in Slovakia,we had brilliant and very hot time ,some days even 40 degrees and now back in reality I need prepare our daughter for school (she is just starting in september year F so is very excited)


Going to spend time with my 15 month old before prepping for back to school as I'm a teacher.

We have 2 more weeks of

We have 2 more weeks of summer left, we're hoping a trip to the planetarium and maybe an excursion to the beach are in order!

Heading off out of town for a

Heading off out of town for a good friends wedding, and a visit with my sister and little trip to Niagara falls....all kid free! :)

My last weeks of summer

School is starting on Thursday.. My new 1st grader is super excited to go!!! We have lots of plans for our end of Summer.. We live in Northeast ND and plan a few more trips to the lake and hopefully a Minneapolis trip to MOA and Valleyfair! Love your page. and have a wonderful rest of the summer :D

I've got a few tutu projects

I've got a few tutu projects I have to get done for Halloween in between heading my son to kindergarten & keeping the other 2 toddlers alive! :P

Last few weeks of summer...

The last few weeks of summer are filled with birthday parties for my kiddos and lots of trips to knotts berry farm along with movies at the theater and drive ins.

Relaxing and reading

My summer class just ended last Tuesday. I start Fall classes on 9/3, so I plan to just enjoy my free time with no homework! I'll do some reading for enjoyment and just get outside and enjoy these last weeks of summer bliss. I'm sure a lot of time will be spent by Lake Michigan (I am in WI).

My kids went back to school

My kids went back to school this morning. :( I am working on a crocheted lovey and watching the clock. I miss having them home!

I plan on working in some

I plan on working in some ends on some hats, and trying new patterns. This week I have made a ruffle Scarf and a elbow length bed cape .


I plan on getting some more things ready for an upcoming event in my town, want to have a booth there. Then I have a benefit coming up in October for cancer and need to get somethings made for that as well..Busy busy busy...

Enjoying the last few days

Enjoying the last few days before I am a parent of a child in kindergarten. Where has the time gone?!?!? How could she possibly be 5?!?!?! Must soak up the time with her before she heads off to school. <3

Over so soon

We're squeezing in a few more trips to the pool and some yard work before we kick off some homeschooling for the first time! So excited!

Baby prepping, crocheting and reading...

We are still in full baby prepping mode so a portion of my time is devoted to get everything done for my little one's arrival. I am also making time to craft and fulfill orders. Trying to get some reading time in to just relax, also!

Getting Ready for Baby

I plan on finishing a little knit sweater for my little angel which is expected February 6.

Hurry up October!

I plan on getting my nursery ready for the baby that is due in October and begin working on Christmas gifts (crocheted Christmas? YES PLEASE!)

Summers over already!! :(

With only a couple weeks left, this summer has gone by too fast. I will be filling orders and creating new things!! Maybe going to the beach, although here in Georgia we still have at least 2 good months of weather left.

Well, school starts back up

Well, school starts back up on Wednesday, as does md going back to work (I'm a program assistant/paraprofessional). We still have a few trips planned -Binder Park Zoo in MI, a trip to see the fall colors and go hiking in Traverse City...working on hats for some upcoming craft shows. Other than that, praising God for the great life he gives me!

Back to school

We are enjoying the beautiful weather and I'm starting to get things ready for my students to return in 2 weeks.

final weeks of summer

We also have 2 weeks of summer left- I plan to take my kids to the movies, park and for some bike rides. Also a few play dates with some friends. Somewhere in there, I hope to finish up a bunch of my unfinished projects I've got laying around :)

Welcoming Baby #2 this Fall

Over the next few weeks I will be crocheting, playing with my two year old, and starting to get a lot of extra cleaning and stuff done to welcome baby #2!!!!

2nd week of Pre-K!

Our oldest started Pre-K this year! Where have the last 5yrs gone?!?
I just received a custom order for a basketball theme newborn shoot for a little guy in October. His daddy is in Afghanistan and will not be here for the birth, so I am working with the mom to be, to add some special touches.

I plan on spending as much

I plan on spending as much time as I can outdoors... The NY winters can be tough!!! Ohhh plus one last mini vacation to the beach

Last week of summer...

My son is starting kindergarten next Monday...first time ever going to school...pretty big deal! We don't have a lot planned (I made sure of that) so we are hanging out...playing games...going to parks...having family time. This past weekend we went to the county fair...the U.S.S. Cod and the Palace Theatre in Cleveland. And...this coming weekend we have an extended family picnic. Great but not terribly busy end to the summer.

I hope to

enjoy the last of the beautiful weather with my kids before the long winter sets in. My to-do list is out-of-control long, but I want to be sure to make time to soak up some sun before the cold arrives!

Until next year, summer!

I plan on spending as much time with my little girl before I head back to school. She's nearly one, and not yet in school, but I'm a teacher.

Final weeks of summer

Enjoying the last few weeks of warm weather her in Alberta Canada. Some leaves have started to change already so I hope to spend as many days outdoors over the next few weeks as possible.

We plan on spending some more

We plan on spending some more time outdoors as the weather has been warming up and we finally can have some beach time! And the local fair is this week which is always a great time!


I plan to spend as much time outside as possible. With it getting really cold and having snow during our winter, we plan to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. Camping in the back yard, hiking, going to the park and just playing outside as much as possible.

We planned on being on

We planned on being on vacation for the last weeks of summer, but due to a mechanical breakdown, we are back home while repairs are done. Hoping to have the vehicle up and running soon and hopefully we can resume our travels! We planned to go to Santa Fe and Taos, NM. Wish us luck that we can go! I love to take a crochet project along to work on as we go.

Final weeks of summer

I plan of getting my house and yard finished before winter starts in upstate ny. And I am working on some fun ear flap hats and a few cowl scarfs for my friends and their sons for upcoming birthdays :)

Birthday crafts

My sweat pea is turning one in the fall so I'm making handmade shabby chic invitations and decor. Planning on crocheting her a new blanket in pale colors from your baby blanket pattern so she has a little security blanket. One day I hope she enjoys the handmade gifts that she can pass down to her own kids.

summer plans giveaway

I just threw a gender reveal party yesterday and now have to get my house in order and prepare for my daughter's birthday party!

I'm getting married!

My summer ends as husband and wife! Five days until "I do" then my hubby is taking me on a surprise honeymoon. Not going to lie, it has been hard deciding between my yarn and wedding projects. I'm looking forward to the fall when I can scratch my crochet itch.

projects around the house

I plan to finish up some projects around the house! Enjoy as much of the summer whether that's left!

We are heading to the beach

We are heading to the beach this weekend!!! Yay!!!! Can't wait!

Summer Plans

I have a busy few weeks planned - between crocheting a ton of hats to get ready for Craft Show Season - my 3 kids will start school soon - so there's backpack shopping, school supply shopping, back to school clothes shopping, camping and more camping! I also started making drink cozies for around the campfire - everyone loves them!

Pattern Giveaway

I plan to finish up all my fall creations and get started on homemade Christmas gifts!!

Christmas hats!

I am finishing up a HUGE order from one of my best clients who ordered TONS of Christmas hats for her upcoming mini sessions! <3 Then I start on my own holiday hats for MY sessions! hehe.

Over Already?!?!

I am in the process of going through the summer clothes that my girls have outgrown and also prep for the school year.

Weddings galore!

Being a teacher from Wisconsin myself, school has already started for me, however we still have some fun planned. We actually have two weddings coming up. My sister is getting married this weekend, and we are headed to MN early September for another wedding and hoping to hit up MOA while there. :)

Summer in San Diego is just beginning!

Temperature-wise, that is :) We always have a very late summer - hot through September and October - so we're just starting to enjoy the typical summer stuff like pools, the beach, etc! My daughter is only 2, so at least she doesn't have to go "back to school" when it is finally hot! We'll be enjoying the sun and crocheting a storm, as I have tons of orders lined up, for people who actually cool down in fall :)

We will be using up our pool

We will be using up our pool time before we have to spend
Our days staring out the window at a pool with snow on it!! :)

Summer's end...

The next few weeks at our house will be pretty laid back since we've had an incredibly busy summer! My oldest just started 2nd grade and one of her brothers starts preschool next week. After that, we'll gear up for all our fun Fall activities, so we're taking it super easy the next few weeks!

Pattern Giveaway

We are already back in school, but still going to go "home" to spend a week with family in two weeks! Excited to spend time with everybody! Also starting my Christmas knitting and crocheting while I'm there.

Summer Plans

Finishing up painting the baseboards in our house. Crocheting some if the amazing patterns I have purchased from your shop. Teaching my daughter her alphabet and numbers for next year ( she will be going to kindergarten ).

Pattern Giveaway

I plan on getting started on my Christmas stock.

Getting back into the groove

School started here today, so its time to get back in the groove of dinners on time, getting the house cleaned as soon as they leave for school and a little "me" time in the afternoon making things for all the fall/winter craft shows.

I plan on enjoying the last

I plan on enjoying the last summer weekends to go on road trips, enjoy the last street festivals and summer concerts at the park in my town and have lots of bbq! During the week, I'm planning on making fall stuff for my shop!!

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