Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let’s do a Free Pattern Giveaway today!! We just went through a brutal cold spell here where I am, and in many other places too. What do you like to do during those times when it’s too cold to be outside, school is cancelled, and you have a few days in? Post your reply and you’re name will automatically be put into the hat for the drawing this evening! If you are in that part of the world where you don’t have to tolerate the cold conditions, just let me know what you like to do when you do have days that you’re stuck inside, for whatever reason. You can post your reply on my Facebook page, or here on my blog. I’ll draw names tonight and post them on my Facebook page. The winners will be able to choose a free pattern of their choice from my shop! Good luck, and thank you for playing!!



I tend to clean on my cold days... sparkling house makes it feel like the little bit of sun coming in the windows is more than it is...

That is in between my trips outside trying to coax the dog into going to the bathroom! It was even to cold for that here in Kansas earlier in the week!

No School

I am a high school teacher and snow days / schools canceled is always a day to bake a different kind of cookie and hang out with my boys who don't go to daycare on snow days!!!!

I like to crochet, read

I like to crochet, read books, and play games with the family!

Bring on games and the pumpkin bread!

When it's cold outside my 3 boys and I will make some pumpkin bread and play Sorry and or gold fish!

Iced In...

Where I live we got iced in yesterday! I took full advantage & was able to relax all day! I spent the day catching up on the mounds & mounds of laundry that had piled up & of course I did some crocheting! LOVED it & it really made me miss being a stay-at-home mom!

When its cold outside...

I wish i had more of that where its so cold and i got nothing to do then ofcourse i get my crochet project out and just relax by doing it.


Just like to relax with a cup of hot tea and a piece of chocolate bar.

I like to build a cubby house

I like to build a cubby house fort under the dining table with the kiddies and bake cookies and yummy slow cooker meals


Playing games with the kiddos!

We had wind chills of -50

We had wind chills of -50 this week. Spent the kids' day off do I g the fun projects we didn't get done during the crazy Christmas season. We made a few crafts and baked some cookies.

Free pattern are awesome!!

When I am stuck inside my college roommates and I love to just turn on Netflix and start crocheting our little hearts out!

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