5,000 Facebook Fans!!

Hi Everyone,

It's official--I have 5,000 fans on my Posh Patterns Facebook page!! Thank you so much for “liking” my page! I think that’s a great milestone and I want to show my appreciation by having an ALL DAY GIVEAWAY tomorrow. I will be putting all entered names into a hat and drawing a winning name every hour. The winners will be able to choose any pattern from my shop for free! To enter, just post a reply either to this blog post or on my Facebook page. I will be putting all of the names into a hat, and drawing and posting winners each hour. The names will go in the hat as they come in, and stay in until the giveaway is finished.

I truly appreciate all of my customers. Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!




Nicole Thomas -- thanks!

Way to go, congrats!! Love

Way to go, congrats!! Love your patterns =D


5000 wow! Love your patterns and keep up the great work .


Love your patterns big FAN!


Congratulations! I love you work!

Posh Pattern

LOVE YOU'RE Patterns. Congrats on 5,000 likes. I hope I can win!

Love all ur pattern..

Love all ur pattern.. Congrats

Love all ur pattern ..

Love all ur pattern .. Congrats


I want to win!

Congrats on 5000 likers well

Congrats on 5000 likers well done! Love your patterns

winner winner...

such lovely patterns - congrats on your success!

I love your patterns! :)

I love your patterns! :)


Wow 5000 is def a milestone
Good for you!!
Love your stuff!!!

5,000 FANS!

Love you patterns! It's hard not to buy everything when you offer a special everyday! Thanks for the give away today!!


5000 is great!!! I hope you get lots more fans

Congratulations :)

Congrats on the 5000 likes. I

Congrats on the 5000 likes. I love your patterns ;)


Wow! 5,000 fans is a huge accomplishment!!!! Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to win a free pattern! I love your work!

Congrats for hitting 5,000!!

Congrats for hitting 5,000!! Love your patterns!


Love your patterns!

Congrats.... and here's too

Congrats.... and here's too many many more :)




Congratulations and thanks so much for the opportunity to enter to win one of your wonderful patterns! Shelley

Just shows how people love

Just shows how people love your patterns! I, for one, have really enjoyed creating beautiful pieces from your patterns. Thank you for sharing!

Love the patterns

Ye ah for you! And thanks for sharing

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