Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial Baby Headband

I just thought I'd share a very easy tutorial for this adorable headband. My fabulous photographer inquired with me about one, and it was so easy!! And of course, she works magic with it. smiley


Simple Pearl Headband

This free crochet pattern makes a gorgeous little pearl embellished headband. Simple and elegant!!

free crochet pattern simple pearl headband


Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn

Size I Crochet Hook

1 Pearl

Beading Thread

Beading Needle

Tapestry Needle


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Simple Pearl Headband

Using the yarn and crochet hook, make a chain that is the desired length. The headband pictured measured 14” long, and fit a newborn just right.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

To make the headband for an older child, or adult, just make the chain the appropriate length.

Add the Pearl

To attach the pearl, string the pearl onto a length of beading thread. Choose a spot on the headband where you’d like it to sit, and simply stitch in on. Weave the ends of the beading thread through the chain for security. Cut threads.

IMPORTANT:Please so not leave a baby or small child unattended with this headband.



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