Free Pattern Giveaway!!

Let's have a free pattern giveaway!!

Summer, here where I am, is coming to a close. School is getting ready to start again, and we are trying to fit in as many fun things as we possibly can! It makes the last few weeks busy, but in a good way!

Let me know what your plans are for the last few weeks of this season, and you'll be entered to win a free pattern of your choice from my shop! Even if it's a different season where you are, let me know what you enjoy doing at that time. Tomorrow afternoon I will draw 3 winners from a hat, and post them on my Facebook page.

If you haven't stopped by my shop lately, take a look for some new patterns that I've added. I also have a big bunch of new things that I'm working on, so there will be plenty of new releases this fall and winter. Fun!

Good luck with the giveaway--and watch for the winners tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!!




End of Summer

I'm working on finishing up 2 quilts for our friend's boys. I also have an American Flag afghan and a crocheted toy that I need to finish for our county fair. Yikes! I need to get busy! Thank you for having a free pattern giveaway!

Right now I'm trying to

Right now I'm trying to organize all of my daughters' clothing getting. It's a huge project. Then we're going to have them switch rooms and start my older daughter in a toddler bed.
Along with that I'm trying to finish up some orders and organize my yarn in anticipation for the busy crochet season!

Loving on my 4 yr old & newborn

With summer winding down and my daughter starting school again, I plan to soak up as much time at home with my daughter and 2 week old son. My husband is currently deployed and I just know that our schedule is going to change to an all together much faster pace right after Labor Day. Really enjoying the snuggles and not being on the go.

Last Weeks of Summer

I will be enjoying some country concerts and spending time with friends!

Last Days of Summer

Celebrating my birthday and 10 year anniversary with the hubs!

I plan on

I plan to finish writing up my first pattern and getting ready for an event in September!

I'm just planning on enjoying

I'm just planning on enjoying the long evenings as much as possible before fall and winter set in.... I'm trying to crochet hats and gifts already, so there's less for me to do in the coming weeks and months......
I'm excited for the weather change tho!

Finishing a few crochet projects

I am hoping to finish a couple of crochet projects this next week. I am not looking forward to back-to-school traffic getting to work but am happy that fall is coming and the weather is going to be cooling off.

Outside work!

Finally getting the house and porches power washed, and staining the porches. Something I have been putting off wall summer here in Ohio. Really not looking forward to cold weather, but as a plus, more time to CROCHET!!

I plan on . . .

Enjoying my nephews wedding next weekend, swimming in the pool as much as possible (living in Oregon, the swim season is short, so gotta swim lots!), family Bar-b-q's, being outside in the garden, walking the dogs, etc. soon our weather will change, and the daylight will shorten - then . . . Bring on the yarn! Oh almost forgot, I will be crocheting purple hats for the Period do Purple" campaign between now & the end of September!

I plan on getting some more

I plan on getting some more swimming in with the kids and the state fair

Last of the summer

I plan on getting in as much cuddle time with my newborn as I can while trying to entertain my 2 year old. :)


My daughter just started kindergarten yesterday!!! And then I have a 2 1/2 yr old and babysit some other kids. We had a pizza and ice cream party for her last day of summer and got her some clothes and her school supplies and had some family time.
The plans now are to babysit, crochet and start working on Xmas gifts so I would love a new pattern to do!!!!

Enjoying every last second of summer

I live in Michigan, near the border of Canada and our summers are really short here. I am going to enjoy every last second of the warm weather while it lasts.

As summer winds down

It's almost summer all the time in San Diego! But I really need to get cracking on my yarn and hook because my best friend is due with twins Nov. 22... My problem you ask... Twins normally make earlier appearances! Oh, and keep enjoying what Mother Nature gives us everyday!

Spending time with family

We have our daughter here from London, England, plus my father-in-law is turning 90!!! I am also knitting a shawl and working on some of your cute hat patterns that I have bought earlier Love your patterns ;-)

Last few days of summer!

Sadly summer is almost over for us too :( School starts here on Monday. But we have a lot to do before then, all of the notebooks and pencils have been bought as well as clothes! So we are ahead there...but the house is a mess from being so busy (and kind of lazy) all summer! So the house is first on the list of things to do! Then this weekend we will go do something fun, like a mountain climb or a water park with the kids. We always do something fun the Saturday before school starts! Then back to my regular routine of sewing and cleaning and cooking at a normal time! lol :)

I'm excited to finish a

I'm excited to finish a couple distressing furniture projects!!!

I'm having a much needed

I'm having a much needed surgery on my shoulder. So what I will be doing is creating a way to continue with a few projects with one good arm. The purchased patterns from your etsy site may prove to be easy enough to try in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed.

photoprop cataloque

i am busy crocheting items for a "photoprop cataloque"
I have a photography studio, and always adore the cute little outfits the babies wear. It is very difficult to get those items in south africa. SO i tought myself to crochet, and are now making cute outfits for photo shoots
I am planning to do a photo shoot for the cataloque at our local orphanage as well as at the state hospital where less fortunate people are delivering babies.
All the mommies/babies will receice a set of prints of the shoot.

I will also be crocheting two blankets for my gorgeous kiddies to keep them warm next winter (we will have summer now)

my plans...

I am finishing up my last two weeks of my office job. I'm going full time etsy so I can stay home with my 2 kids and they can go to a real preschool part time.


I have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the summer. I have a bachelorette party, my baby girls baptism, and then finally headed to Disney world with my two babies and my mom! Can't wait!

Pattern Giveaway

School has already started here. My plans are to get the grandchildren hat and scarves made before it gets cold. I also have plans to make sorority hats and scarves for the winter. I'm starting on a Wonder Woman afghan.

End of summer

We are trying to fit in a few more days if water play since we've had a very cool summer.

Lots of fun times outside

Lots of fun times outside with my three kids :)

This is the last week before

This is the last week before school starts on Monday. We plan on hitting the pool since mother nature is giving us summer-like temps again, visiting Brookfield Zoo, and this weekend we're celebrating our youngest babe's 1st birthday and seeing Laurie Berkner on Sunday. Jam packed full of fun. :)

Summer Plans

I'll be doing ALOT of crocheting to get ready for the upcoming season.

Moving son into college dorm

I'm getting ready to send my youngest son off to college this weekend and the rest of summer will be spent visiting with my sister who is in from IL.

Last weeks of summer

We love summer and being outdoors, so we are having an end of summer camping trip this weekend! Should be so much fun!

Stocking up for the upcoming busy season

Just yesterday, I started watching our two wonderful grandsons again. In preparation for the upcoming busy season, I have been busy with making crocheted flowers and hats for my etsy shop, using amazing patterns from PoshPatterns. :)

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